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Implement your idea that solves social problems In a pack of like-minded people
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We came together to develop in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Does your project solve a social problem?
You are in a pack of like-minded people!

are we?
What do we do?
A community of social entrepreneurs creating projects for the benefit of society
We teach, advise, support, exchange experiences and ideas
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the flock
Continuously evolve
Social Entrepreneurs in the Republic of Kazakhstan
in cities and 13%
in villages
of Social entrepreneurs
are women
are engaged in
the provision of services
are involved
in production
address the issue of employment of socially vulnerable categories
How to become a social entrepreneur?
If you have decided on the idea of a social project - write to us, fill out the questionnaire, get the status of the ASI and forward, but with a flock of like-minded people :)
What do we have
in common?
Your empathy knows no bounds, and your desire to create is a constant reminder. You work 24 hours a day, and life doesn't make MORE sense. And there are TWO great days in every person's life: the day he was born and the day he realized what he was meant for
About Us
It's great to benefit the community! But getting burned out emotionally, not feeling the support and smelling the money they earn - that's what aspiring social entrepreneurs have to deal with
Our mission is to make your life easier
by doing really cool social projects together
Join the pack
We are entrepreneurs who benefit society, solve social problems. And at the same time they use the most advanced tools of modern business.

We can do a lot, even though there are not many of us

We are social innovators
Birds line up in a wedge as they fly. A study found that each bird, by flapping its wings, provides lift for the bird directly behind it. Thus, due to the wedge shape, the entire flock increases flight time by 71% compared to the flight time
of a single bird

Please read this long-read to the end, there are important details in the middle
and at the end. It will take a minute, we checked
Why birds stay in flocks
This significantly reduces the burden on the birds, so they can fly great distances.

The order of formation in a wedge ensures economy of effort and optimal teamwork. At the head of the wedge is the leader, the strongest and toughest. The flapping of his wings creates powerful air currents, providing lightness to those flying after him
Amazing, but true. Birds flying in wedges are able to reach speed up to 80 km/h and maintain it during the whole flight. The leader is usually the bird that has flown several times
You made it to the end, well done, another +10000 to your karma!
Why us?
How are we better than other associations?
The only thing in which we compete with each other is in the number of good deeds!
We're talking JUST about the hard stuff.

Solving social problems - is a serious topic. It lacks creative, innovative solutions
and information in one place.

Training and development is an incomplete list of what we offer.

Write to our manager to pick up support options
We gather the flock
to fly high
Increase the effectiveness of ASI members by coming together for innovative methods of solving social problems

Mentoring of social entrepreneurship leaders. Creation of clusters within the Association by areas of activity
Interaction with other Associations in Kz and in the world, exchange of experience, creation of international collaborations
Subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news and fulfillment of social entrepreneurship goals of social entrepreneurship
Interaction with public authorities to implement programs to support and stimulation of social entrepreneurship

Promote and popularize social entrepreneurship by creating a supportive ecosystem
Develop mechanisms for effective professional interaction between social entrepreneurs
Cooperate with state institutions to implement programs to support and stimulate social entrepreneurship
Reduce the operating costs of ASI members through the established system of cooperation and promotion
Form a center of expertise in the field of social entrepreneurship

Create infrastructures for the development of social entrepreneurship in Central Asia
Expand the market for products and services
of ASI members
Assist in the development of new areas
of social activity
There is a bird-leader in every flock!
The important bird in our flock is Emin Askerov
"The eagle, the hawk-these comparisons to the bird-didn't appeal to me. I associate myself with a swan. No, not white or black, more like turquoise"

Emin Askerov
EMIN is a high-flying bird, has been in the social field for 7 years, and has many ideas and plans for social entrepreneurship.

You can and should read the regalia here

P/S Coincidences are not random, right?
If the subject of uniting like-minded people appeals to you, if you lack knowledge, information and, in the end, moral support, then you should definitely come to us!
P/S/S If you still have questions, you do not dare to press the join button, that's okay, we'll find you anyway! Just kidding!
Or maybe not)

How to join the flock?
You can't wait to fly far, high, and for a long time with us…
You can click on this button and fill out the application

Within 24 hours (48 max :)
You'll be contacted by our assistant аnd she'll chew it all up for you and put it down.

In the meantime, you can read the formal conditions here
We are open to:
Those wishing to start a social project
Initiating a social. project
Existing Social Projects
Volunteers and willing to help

Our team
Miras Abbasov
Aliya Sabitova
Aigerim Dzhanalinova
Gulmira Parmysheva
Ergali Baimamirov
Board member
Board member
Board member
Board member
Events, workshops, master classes
Co-working, training center
The School of Social Entrepreneurship
Mentor program
Mastermind groups for accelerated business development
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Social Innovation Hub
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School of social entrepreneurship with the best experts in the topic of business, personal brand development and many other topics
A nest for social projects and startups,
where every innovator can find informational, financial support to implement his idea and sustainable development of existing projects.

Everyone is important in a good cause!

It's easy to conquer heights when you're in a flock
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